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Go Fund Me / Fundraising for Reusable Market Project!

As the original post on the Go Fund Me is so long, I thought I would post here too, to be honest, I have never written one of these before and tend to gabble on a bit….Sorry lol.

Hi there and thank you so very much for taking the time to read this!

Quick Background

After giving a little over 10 years working as a Volunteer and as a Project Manager for a local Furniture Recycling Charity, I was faced with unfortunate fate of redundancy after the charity was taken over by two other charities, within a year they had both stripped all the assets of the company including the cash and van and proceeded to tell me I was no longer required.

That was about 6 months or so before the first lock down, for those next six months It was a daily battle of the internal demons, I used eBay daily to start selling my unwanted items from around the house as a way of coping with the anxieties and depression of losing my job. I have suffered with mental health illnesses all my life, and will continue to do so, But it was a real benefit and help that I had this platform to aid in my mental wellbeing on a daily basis, I was doing something I enjoyed, I was recycling and rehoming old stuff that would of otherwise could have ended up in landfill!

The Saga then began

I then found myself Forcedonto Managed Payments By eBay and with it came a whole host of problems and issues along with having a severe impact on my mental health, I will not bog down with the details (you can find enough tweets on it!), But this has put a stop to my love of the platform and their site.

Keep Going

After suffering months with depression, and being stuck in lockdown, erupting like a blocked volcano, I decided that I had to find something, I have to try one more time, I have to Just Keep Going.

Having waited months and months to pluck up the courage, I am now here with you reading this, sorry if that was a little long x

Project Vision

So, the vision for this Project is to create an online platform that users can create and advertise their unwanted items for sale as classifieds advert or an auction lot, whilst building an online community with an ethos focused on reusing and recycling redundant or unwanted items from all over the UK, with the freedom of using a payment provider you already know and lovePayPal.

My Grand Vision would be to bring it to the masses on your local high street as well as on the web, within the form a network of shops, where anyone can buy or donate their unwanted furniture and where low-income families can get that much needed furniture at a discounted rate and much much more….but baby steps, baby steps ;


I will be sourcing free popular backend software that is community driven and frequently kept up to date, but the required functionality requires the premium versions of plugins and or additional software feature sets. This initial round of funding is something I am trying to achieve to go towards the costs of those Premium features and plugins required to run the auctions and other services, along with any other setup costs as associated, if this sounds like something you would like to invest in or if you have already :), I am genuinely humbled and would be ever so eternally grateful.

I have a real passion for recycling and have a vision that we can almost change the world one day by being able to recycle more!

And this my friend is, what I hope, only the very beginning of something truly wonderful.

Bless you, and Happy Recycling!!